Chatin Sarachi

Chatin Sarachi (in Albanian Paskal “Çatin” Saraçi) was an Albanian painter and politician. Sarachi first went to England on a diplomatic mission in 1933 but, with the occupation of Albania by the Italian army in 1939, he gave up his diplomatic career and decided to remain in London and concentrate on painting. That year he met Oskar Kokoschka who became a close friend and admirer of Sarachi as well as a constant influence on his work. They shared a Kensington studio. Sarachi is thought of as an Expressionist but was also greatly influenced by Oriental art. His first solo exhibition was held in 1945 at the Redfern Gallery, London. This exhibition was followed by another two, in the mid fifties. A fourth in 1975, a retrospective following Sarachi’s death, showed some fifty paintings. Over the years, Sarachi participated in several group shows and had regular one man exhibitions in London, Paris and Dublin. The last exhibition of his work was held at the Pride Gallery in London in 1988.