Peter Schmidt - Lines on Yellow

Artist Biography


Peter Schmidt was born in Berlin, Germany, emigrating to England in 1938. He started to paint in 1947, later attending Goldsmiths College 1951-3 and Slade School of Fine Art 1953-57. A talented multi-media artist, performer and teacher, Schmidt was featured in a 1960 BBC film Departure and had a first solo show at Beaux Arts Gallery in 1961, another in 1966 at Curwen Gallery and several at Lisson Gallery.

Schmidt became fascinated by the links between sound and art, setting up performances at the ICA and in Holland and elsewhere. He was involved in a number of projects with Brian Eno, including the Taking Tiger Mountain sleeve cover in 1974, but died in 1980 whilst on a painting holiday in Tenerife. This was the year of a retrospective, including works by Eno, at The Paul Ide Gallery, Brussels. Watford Museum held a retrospective in 1987.

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